MLDN Online Shop launched an Online Store during the pandemic using Outletko .

by Marvin Lester D. Negosa

July 09, 2020

Even in this time of the pandemic, Outletko never stops on supporting and partnering with our micro and small entrepreneurs. We continued to help them connect their products to the community with our e-commerce application.

Today, we will look at MLDN Online Shop, our featured store for July. They are one of our pioneering micro-entrepreneurs who started partnering with us during our soft launch this year 2020.

We asked them some questions on how Outletko helped them in this time of stressful situation, and here are some of their answers.

How did you find Outletko?

To be honest, I don’t think we are the ones who found Outletko; instead, they have found us. As a simple online seller on Facebook, we are somehow surviving with a few sales every week. But ever since we connected to Outletko, the number of our customers dramatically increases. They helped us in improving our sales because of their easy setup online store.

Outletko is actively looking for micro and small entrepreneurs, and fortunately, they have found us. That’s why we will always be grateful to them, especially in these trying times.

How did Outletko help you when it comes to sales?

Like I said, our customers dramatically increase, that is why our sales also went up. Our buyers can easily choose the products they wanted to buy from us. It is a smooth transaction that the customers and sellers will not have any interaction. As long as the orders are processed already, we can ship it out immediately the next day. That’s why it is a win-win situation for both sellers and buyers!

Moreover, Outletko never fails to support us in this pandemic situation. They always post different partner stores to their Facebook page and website; that’s why many people are discovering our online store. Outletko is indeed connecting micro and small entrepreneurs to the community.

Would you recommend Outletko to other entrepreneurs?

Absolutely! I will recommend this e-commerce website of Outletko to some of my friends and family who are also starting to be an entrepreneur. I have so many reasons why I will recommend Outletko but let me give you three reasons.

First reason, Outletko’s mission and vision are to connect small and micro-entrepreneurs to the community. That’s why if you’re an entrepreneur, it is only logical to partner with people like Outletko who believes in you. Am I right?

The second reason, the services that they are offering are really to help micro and small entrepreneurs because it is for FREE! How can you not partner with Outletko if you have nothing to pay to them and yet they are still helping you?

Our last but not the least reason is that Outletko has a mobile-friendly website. Even if you don’t have a laptop or desktop computer, you can easily set up your store using your mobile phone. That’s why I love Outletko!

We, at Outletko, are so glad to know that we made an impact on one of our partner micro-entrepreneurs. It will motivate us to be more supportive and helpful to other business owners in the community, especially in this time of the pandemic.

If you were reading this and was inspired by the testimony of MLDN Online Shop, we encourage you to sign-up now and start building your online store for FREE. You might be the next Featured Store of the Month in our blogs.